Monthly Online Programming – Personalized program designed just for you based off a self assessment you complete on your own.  Includes weekly check-ins and any adjustments needed.

1-ON-1 Training – A personal experience designed around you.

Small Group Training –  Work together in a small group of your friends or family.  Receive the benefits of a coach at an even more affordable rate and share your experience with your training partners.

Private In-Home Training – Train in the comfort of your own home regardless of whether you have a full home-gym or just a few free weights in your living room.

Online Distance Coaching – Not from the Hamilton area? Or just want some coaching and a program? Take advantage of monthly programming through the magic of the internet. If you have email and a way to make an occasional video of yourself then online coaching might be for you.

All training options include a free-consultation, personalized programming, nutrition counselling and no service fee for equipment usage during sessions.  For more details and pricing contact

Are you a firefighter or an aspiring firefighter?  Get ready for your fitness test and more importantly your career by getting started today!  Get yourself in the best physical condition possible so you can focus on what you have been trained to do, help those that you have sworn to protect and make it home alive at the end of your shift.  Make sure to check back with the blog for topics specific to you and your dream career.