First Alarm Strength Training and Fitness is all about results.  No non-sense, just results in a supportive, fun and safe environment.  FASTfit is a unique blend of a general fitness gym and a serious strength and conditioning facility all in a private setting.  The  focus is a well-structured program designed specifically to help you overcome your toughest barriers, exceptional coaching to lead you towards your fitness dreams and personal, client-centered care.


My name is Brandon Sferrazza and I am the owner of First Alarm Strength Training and Fitness.  I am a professional firefighter, but long before that, a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer.  My goal is to create strong, well-functioning human beings and share my decade of experience at an affordable price.  I have worked with all levels of athletes and clients of varied abilities from ages 12 to 76.  I have a varied background in athletics but understand the challenges that the daily grind can place on your health.  Currently, I compete in the Scott Firefit Challenge and know first-hand how difficult it can be to fit in the training required to reach your fitness goal.  Together we can create realistic, measurable goals that we can reach in a timely manner.  All you have to do is put in the work.

Please take a look through the site and blog for some fantastic resources and if interested in more information please contact me at firstalarmstrength@gmail.com.

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